Being a parent is a tough and oftentimes a thankless job. However, there is no greater reward than having healthy, happy kids. My name is Margaret and my husband is John and together we are the parents of five beautiful, energetic and completely different children; each one provided us with unique experiences as parents and we have learned so much about the varying, yet effective ways to engage with children to keep them safe and healthy.

This blog is for all you moms (and dads too) that are equally as passionate about the dental, health and overall wellness of your families. We’re here to bring you tips that have worked in the past whether it’s dealing with little ones who are afraid of going to the dentist, to establishing healthy habits in a fun way engaging ways for toddlers to teenagers- we’ve gone through it all. We are passionate about the overall wellness of our family through all stages of life, especially when raising children. We’re excited to share some advice that we’ve learned through our experiences and look forward to hearing from you on what tips and tricks have worked for your families.